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Your Roaring Fork Valley High-Speed Internet Access

Everwave is an Aspen-based total provider of Broadband Internet services including T1 and BriteFiber copper line circuits, Internet Connectivity, Wi-Fi, and Fixed Wireless. The primary focus that sets Everwave apart is our promise of immediate, knowledgeable, specialized customer service. www.everwave.com


Your Search Engine for Radio and TV.

TVEyes makes radio and TV searchable by keyword. Just as you would use an Internet search engine to research a topic, TVEyes offers keyword search capability for both radio and TV broadcasts. With a growing network of monitored stations both in the US and internationally, TVEyes is the first company to introduce language-independent, real-time audio and video monitoring. www.tveyes.com

Channel 19 - Aspen - www.kcxp.tv

KUUR-FM is locally owned andVenture backed by Dashing Angels, LLC


LocalOne TV, Ltd.

Midlothian Broadcasting, LLC

TerraStore, LLC

Colorado TV Marketing, LLC

Aspen Jet Club, LLC


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